Splash of sunlight

Splash of Sunlight

It was a fresh morning. I was at Guptipara, Hooghly with my friend, Debanjan, walking down the streets to our college. The sweetness in the air was at its prime in the morning. As we were scrolling down to college, I stopped suddenly and asked my friend to wait a bit because I heard her calling me, again. I always fail miserably at ignoring her because I don’t give a try to it!

Indeed, She was beautiful. Her beauty composed of different elements such as – a strong stream of photons illuminating the two calves, mist in the background adding a different hue, all the greens giving a soothing pleasure to eyes…. And, hence I couldn’t resist myself from capturing Her.

This place, Guptipara, gives me amazing green-filled frames which I hardly find in my city, Kolkata. No, I’m not ranking my city down or comparing it with anywhere else, I love Kolkata, but you know what Nature is to me. In Kolkata, development is increasing rapidly. Buildings or to say precisely, skyscrapers are destroying the natural ambiance of our city.

When I am home, to find solace I generally go to National Library or St. Paul Cathedral Church or any place where I can establish a stable connection with Nature to heal all my agonies. Whereas a place like Guptipara, having a large exposure to Nature, can provide you those things you will find seldom in a city.


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