A pair of shoe taking rest. Do you know, why? Hey! Because it’s a lazy cozy winter picnic, when your friends are busy cooking lunch and you are lazily busy in cooking a photograph!

A pair of shoe taking rest...

Winter it is! The season when hormonal changes occur within youths and impel them to organize a picnic.

“Picnic is the loveliest symbol of winter and the warmest chapter of ‘Winter’ to cherish”

After many talks, discussions and frequently-changing decisions, we finally came to rest and someone from us renamed our Whatsapp group to “Picnic is on 10 dec”. Hence, it was finally clarified.

We started our journey on 10th august and look, coincidentally today is also 10th, of December. The past four months were invested in making friends, having fun, giving exams (perhaps in our college, exams are banal), and getting a neat layout from our seniors and professors on how to spend the upcoming years and in finding a niche career ahead. But something was missing by all this time, what we needed right now was to have a great day out with our friends to experience college life in a different perspective.

Abiding by everybody’s convenience, the picnic location was set to Guptipara. A group of 22 picnickers were ready. Rahul, one of the picnickers, lives in Guptipara, took heavy responsibilities in organizing the picnic. Subhankar, Tridib and Saikat helped him in shopping groceries and other needful stuffs.

On the day of picnic, the women power came into action. Previously, I had a thought about our ‘lady’ friends (saying it ‘girl’ friends, would blew the meaning to a different direction and hence I found it safe!) in class to be the only master at the art of tweaking the pattern of one’s face in front of camera (I know, I will be penalized for this!). While in picnic, they proved it wrong, their contribution to fried rice and chicken was huge. I was surprised that they made it eatable, which I didn’t expected, though!

something somewhere

something somewhere

Brick-breaking music, bashing dance (Avik’s dance faded everything!) and lots of gossips made the day. Enjoyed a lot! We made it hone. Wish this happens every year. And, you know what, the grief stroked me hard when I saw the name of our Whatsapp group changed to “Picnic gone…study on”.


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