Hi! My name is Mayukh Datta. I am a Computer Science Engineering student, a curious learner, programmer, photographer and a craving-to-lost wanderer. I love to learn about AI and play with it. Music is my driving force. In school, I used to play drums.

Something Somewhere - Mayukh Datta Photography


Something Somewhere is a photography blog, packed full of interesting pixels that when combines together gives enough pleasure to those who understands it.


…it all started then…when?

Spring-time!  April, 2016, my Father bought me a new camera after my several requests to him. My first camera it was! It was more needed than ever before because we had a Sikkim trip planned in the month of April and this was a crucial reason for which my Father couldn’t totally put my request down.

Few days were left, my heart was full of enthusiasm, of course it should be, after all my first travel trip it was. I was then in a complete state of curiosity: questioning, thinking, imagining…blah! blah! blah!  One afternoon, I went to Botanical Garden to give a first hand try at Photography and got few shots which I thought to be nice to post. Below are those of my first clicks in B. Garden.

Back home from Sikkim; moments captured are now digital memories. Feasting on them daily, nostalgia with melancholy widely flowed into my heart. It was in June, I discovered my affection towards photography and wanted to give it a try.


It started all of a sudden. June 30, I created a Facebook page and gave it a name – “Something Somewhere“. Let me introduce the title to you: Photography is the art of taking photographs and science of processing those photographs. Now, there must be an object or “Something” to capture and it may be located at, on, above, below, between, or “Somewhere”. I think you got it!  Now, come on!  I tried my best.

And, that’s all my folks.

Thanks for reaching here!

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“Love for nature runs in my blood, wildlife excites my nerves, travelling & wandering always tops my to-do list.  All these fuses together to give me fuel for photography.”



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