A stream of photons making its way between the pillar and the wall of a church…

Being Musafir


Something Somewhere - Mayukh Datta Photography wishes Happy New Year 2017

A stream of photons making its way between the pillar and the wall of a church, hitting and gleaming the floor. This sunlight-lit area on the floor looks like a conical projection of good things approaching towards me. The projection is forwarding along with happiness and well-being. At this moment of welcoming a new year, with new hopes, facing new opportunities, I pray this stream touches everyone’s life.

Happy New Year! 🙂

A pair of shoe taking rest. Do you know, why? Hey! Because it’s a lazy cozy winter picnic, when your friends are busy cooking lunch and you are lazily busy in cooking a photograph!


A pair of shoe taking rest...

Winter it is! The season when hormonal changes occur within youths and impel them to organize a picnic.

“Picnic is the loveliest symbol of winter and the warmest chapter of ‘Winter’ to cherish”

Splash of sunlight


Splash of Sunlight

It was a fresh morning. I was at Guptipara, Hooghly with my friend, Debanjan, walking down the streets to our college. The sweetness in the air was at its prime in the morning. As we were scrolling down to college, I stopped suddenly and asked my friend to wait a bit because I heard her calling me, again. I always fail miserably at ignoring her because I don’t give a try to it!